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pure carbon, with the same basic crystall-chemical, physical and optical characteristics as a natural one, but they are created by man, who after long years of study and research, has managed to imitate nature in producing such a rare gem. It is FANCY, because it has a special color, not the pure and beloved beauty of the white diamond, but a warm, soft yellow with golden reflections of light flooded with sunshine.

extraordinary, because it has a prestigious beauty, without the burden of a heavy financial investment.
ethically perfect because its provenance is obvious and does not involve mining of any sort.
unique* because MALOSSI GEMME CREATE has for years, been a guarantee of high quality in the selection and production of luxury synthetic gems.
beautiful because it is pure light which lights up the thoughts of life.

* Every MALOSSI SYNTHETIC DIAMOND comes with a gemological certificate attesting to its specific characteristics.

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